Transforming the bridge

The United Neighbors event was a collaboration between community groups, residents and businesses near Wilmington, Delaware’s I-95 corridor. The project was spearheaded by the non-profit Westside Grows Together. We helped with:

DESIGNING-  We created the mural design to be both an eye-catching and stimulating addition to its neighborhood.  The contrast of solid bright colors and urban surroundings make for an enjoyable visual experience for the many people who regularly cross the bridge by car and foot. The design was shared with and approved by the community, and the text was also chosen by the community to illustrate the overall purpose of the installation: to unify.  We also designed the event flyer and event T-shirts! 

FUNDING & ORGANIZING – We drafted a project budget and helped write a grant to partially cover the cost of the project. Once it was funded, we surveyed the bridge site, created the production schedule and acquired supplies. 

FACILITATING – We facilitated the painting of the 4700 square foot bridge over 6 days with the help of 20 volunteers.  



Logo design - Flyer design - Rendering - Merchandise